Artichoke Burrata Stacked Salad





For the Vinaigrette:


  1. Combine vinaigrette ingredients in small jar with lid and shake well to combine. Set aside.
  2. Toss arugula with a little vinaigrette (as much as you prefer on your salads) Distribute arugula on serving platter or two individual salad plates and top with artichoke hearts. Top each artichoke heart with 1 Tbls. sun dried tomato spread, then ball of burrata. Press gently on top of each ball of burrata with your finger to make an indentation. Top each with 1 Tbls. olive tapenade, drizzle with a little olive oil (optional but I like it) and a bit more vinaigrette. Sprinkle pine nuts and chopped mint over top.


Cook up two artichokes as you would normally (steam or boil – about 45 minutes).
Remove all the leaves (eat them up dipped in melted butter!). Discard choke. Use the meaty hearts for the base of this stacked salad.

Serve yummy bread!