Ginger Pork

Stir Fried Ginger Pork




  1. Thinly slice pork tenderloin. Season with salt & pepper (and a few shakes of dried ginger if desired).
  2. Heat some oil in a wok (about 1-2 Tbls.). Add onions, ginger and garlic and quickly stir fry until onions begin to soften, be careful not to burn the garlic. Remove from wok and set aside.
  3. Add a bit more oil to the wok and add pork, stir fry until lightly browned, but not overcooked, just a few minutes. Cook in batches if you have a lot so you don’t overcrowd the pork and end up steaming it. I like to try to get a little color on the pork. Before pork is completely cooked, add onions back into the wok.
  4. Add sauce and continue to stir fry a couple more minutes to combine flavors and finish cooking the pork.
  5. Serve on top of rice.