Chicken Pad Thai with Zucchini Noodles




  1. Combine sauce ingredients in bowl and set aside. I like to microwave it about 20-30 seconds to make sure the sugars are melted.
  2. In large skillet, add a little bit of oil and cook the chicken with the garlic. Add carrots and zucchini and briefly cook to soften the zucchini a bit.
  3. Push ingredients in pan to the side. Crack egg and scramble it in the pan, then combine it with the mixture. Add sauce to heat and combine.
  4. To serve, toss with green onions, bean sprouts, cilantro, mint and peanuts and a squirt of lime.


If you’d like the green onions to be a little cooked, just add them with the zucchini instead of adding them at the end.