Vodka Peach Lemonade

Vodka Peach LemonadeRecently I spent a day at the Hotel Hershey spa with some good friends from my old neighborhood in Pennsylvania.  We had a great day that included working out, saunas and steam rooms, massages and facials, and of course, a delicious lunch!  Two of the girls had a Vodka Peach Lemonade cocktail that they loved.  I had a sip and yes, it was super yummy! So when I got home I went to work making my own version.

I know the drink they had at the spa had lemonade in it, as well as peach nectar and peach vodka.  I didn’t have any lemonade but I did have a couple cans of San Pellegrino Limonata leftover from making a Pimm’s Cup a while back so I used that instead.  I love using San Pellegrino in my cocktails because it’s a little tart, not overly sweet, and adds some good bubbles to the drink.  I used peach nectar from a can but you could easily puree some fresh juicy peaches instead if you have some handy.  As for the vodka, I used Absolute Peach vodka.

I don’t know about you, but I’m diggin’ all the fruity, bubbly cocktails I’ve been making lately.  If you like these kind of drinks in the summertime (or anytime) be sure not to miss the Blackberry Fizz, Strawberry Mojito, Cherry Basil Spritzer,  or the Coconut Pear Cooler.  All will rock your world!  And again, you can easily make a virgin version by omitting the alcohol.  Win, Win!

Vodka Peach Lemonade

A refreshing peach lemonade cocktail. For a virgin drink, just omit the vodka.


  • 1 shot Absolute Peach Vodka
  • 2 shots peach nectar (use less if you want it less "peachy")
  • 1 can San Pellegrino Limonata* (you won't need the entire can)


Fill tall glass with ice. Add vodka, peach nectar and top with San Pellegrino. Stir to combine. Enjoy!

*You can use lemonade to replace the San Pellegrino and if you want it bubbly, just add a little club soda as well.



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