Polenta & Black Bean Cakes with Orange Basil Mint Salsa

These Polenta & Black Bean Cakes with Orange Basil Mint Salsa make a delicious vegetarian main dish meal full of bright, fresh flavor! Crispy polenta is topped with a yummy black bean cake and juicy orange basil mint salsa. So fresh, healthy and delicious!

Crispy Polenta topped with Black Bean Cake, Goat Cheese & Orange Basil Mint SalsaI had my eye on a recipe for black bean cakes with an orange basil salsa that I came across in the cookbook Main-Course Vegetarian Pleasures (affiliate link) by Jeanne Lemlin. I’ve had the book since the early ’90s when I was a vegetarian and until this recent move, had forgotten about the cookbook. So when I was sent a couple tubes of Frieda’s Organic Polenta to sample I thought the black bean cakes and salsa might be tasty on top of some sliced, crispy polenta.  You know what? It was!


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