Apricot Mascarpone Stuffed Puff Pastry

Apricot Mascarpone Stuffed Puff Pastry

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An impressive looking treat that’s really easy to make!


  • 1 box Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry shells (in the freezer)
  • 3 apricots, pitted and sliced in half
  • 1 8oz. container Mascarpone cheese
  • 2 Tbls. honey, divided
  • 1 Tbls. bourbon
  • 1 Tbls. chopped fresh mint
  • extra honey to drizzle on top


  1. Prepare the Pepperidge Farm puff pastry shells according to package directions (I used an egg wash as suggested on the package). Set aside. Reduce oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In baking dish, place apricot halves pitted side up. Drizzle 1 tablespoon honey over the apricots. Bake in oven 15 minutes. Flip them over and bake another 10 minutes or so. Take them out before they collapse. Set aside and let cool.
  3. In small bow, combine mascarpone cheese, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon good bourbon.
  4. Fill puff pastry shells with mascarpone, top each with apricot half. Sprinkle with chopped mint and a good drizzle of honey.